Burgermeister Murray McKay

Strongman Murray McKay

Burgermeister are long time supporters of strongman Murray McKay, Western Australia’s best-known arm wrestler having competed in championships across the world, most recently taking out the silver medal at the World Police and Fire Games held in New York in September 2011.

Murray was set to take on Australia’s best at the National Arm wrestling Championships in Melbourne in December 2012.   However, a recent injury will keep him out of the competition.  Commiserations Murray.  However, he will continue to take a lead role in mentoring Western Australia’s best.

When Murray’s not hard at it training, you might catch him at Burgermeister tucking into his favourite burger, our mighty “Beef The Lot”.

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  1. Davall10 says:

    A real shame Big Murray is not in Melbourne. He would have smashed it. Get well soon.

  2. Hope you heal up soon Murray you are a great asset to the sport and we can’t wait to see you in action on the table in 2013. Something that wasn’t mentioned in the article is that Murray has faced off against some of the strongest professional armwrestlers on the planet back in the World Championships in 2004 such as Alexey Voevoda in his prime. Very impressive effort!

  3. Clint says:

    Hey Muz, I know your mind is as strong as your arm. Hang in there for a full recovery.

  4. Eyeguy says:

    Ha! Now I know your secret recipe for winning armwrestles. – BURGERMEISTERS!

  5. Jade says:

    Hey Murray, congrats on the sponsorship you deserve it! Hope your recovering well I look forward to seeing you compete next year, see you in the gym :-)

  6. Melina says:

    Hope you have a speedy recovery Murray, wishing you all the best. See you in the gym :)

  7. Brian says:

    I have always been proud of my brother achievements he is strong willed and never gives in you will soon be over the top again

  8. massagegreg says:

    Hang in there big fella
    They better watch out next year
    Muscle on
    Massage Greg

  9. Trudyjane says:

    Well done on your sponsorship Murray, I hope you are recovering well.
    Looking forward to seeing you back at the gym
    Merry Christmas to you and your family if i don’t speak to you before.
    You are right …………………………that felt good lol

  10. Jami Carle says:

    Murray, thanks for the tips at the 2012 Australian national arm wrestling championship in Melbourne! You played a contributing role in me taking out the right arm national title for 90kg weight class and then the overall national title in a finl against Sam Saffuri which I wish you could have seen. I hope you make a speedy recovery so one day I can get the opportunity to pull against an Australian great. All the best for 2013. Jamie Carle

  11. Murray McKay says:

    Thanks everybody for all your kind words and support! I am keeping up my strength with Beef the Lot burgers from Burgermeister in Nedlands. If you’re in the area, drop in, you might see me there munching on my favourite burgers! A great protein source! I hope to be back in action in 2013!

  12. Username* says:

    piece of cake! :p Emily..

  13. John Gray says:

    Go the Big Fella. Get well soon and back into it – the burgers and the arm wrestling!
    Good to see that you have such great support, you deserve it mate.

  14. kev says:

    Get well soon big man

  15. Hi Murray, Great to met you at the Nationals after hearing so much about you from all the other armwrestlers. The WA armwrestling competition you put on earyler in the year was sensational and did huge things for the publicity and exposure of the sport, I will be looking forward to coming across to compete with lots of other Victorians next year,
    Take care train hard!
    Jesse Johnson

  16. matt bacon says:

    Thanks murray for your support at the Australian 2012 championships.Hope you get back to your best for 2013!

  17. Rik Kamana says:

    I’m wishing you a speedy recovery mate, it would be great to have you apart of team Australia for next years World Arm Wrestling Championship in Poland. Australia needs you fit and ready to Grip & Rip, September 2013. When your back on your feet mate and fit we look forward to seeing you at a West Coast Arm Wrestling training session. I’m no match for Dan and Matt, we need your help Mate. Again I really really wish you a speedy recovery mate.

  18. It was great to catch up with you again at this years Nationals Murray, I was looking forward to reffing your matches until I heard about your unfortunate Injury! If all things go to plan for you I am sure we will see you competing again at next years FitX comp in March, battling it out with the best from the Southern Isles. Western Australian Armwrestling is in very safe hands with you as the State Representative! Thank you Burgermeister for your continued support of Murray, who tirelessly supports our great sport in the west.

  19. Aaron Smith says:

    Murray well done on all your achievements through life, your injury is only a speed hump to achieving your future goals! I hope you make a quick and full recovery. I also hope to enjoy a delicious burger from Burgermeister one day with you!

  20. Brett Warner says:

    The fine character of a gentle giant! Life has many speed bumps and just our bodies way to say slow down. Once recovered you can be confident that with your fitness, strength and mental agility you’ll be the new and improved version.

    Never loose sight of that dream, want and desire. In many cases if you don’t follow YOUR dream you live up following someone else’s.

    Continue to tread your own path and only make new mistakes. If you change nothing then nothing will change.

    Pleasure knowing you Murray.


  21. Brett Warner says:

    Oops should read, Never loose sight of that dream, want and desire. In many cases if you don’t follow YOUR dream you end up following someone else’s.

  22. Sorry to hear about the setbacks but hope to see you in the USA(Fairfax, Virginia) in 2015 World Police and Fire Games. Stay Strong mate!

  23. Everyone has there secret pre workout/comp meal and you’ve just let yours out of the bag!!! You now what I’ll be having Pre WA Championships in 2013… Beef The Lot!!!

    Looking forward to going to war with you on the table Murray, 2013 is going to be a big year.

  24. Leigh says:

    Goodluck Murray hope u recover quickly and all the best for 2013 :-)

  25. Hey Murray
    We realize you got a tough road ahead and we know you’ll get through with the strength and determination that has taken you as far as you’ve got.
    Remember the family has and will be there for you ……. whether you like it or not!!!!
    Steve, Sue and the Pilbara Ferals

  26. Mitch Mckay says:

    Dad, i am so proud of you and what you have achieved. I hope for a speedy recovery. When are you taking me back to Burgermeister?

  27. Dad, ditto to what Mitch said! A Beef the Lot, please.

  28. Murray, the kids are pestering me, “When are you taking them back to Burgermeister???”.

  29. Ryan Scott says:

    In your Armwrestling advice i trust!
    Your Burger advice i shall too.
    Cant wait to try

  30. Murray Mckay says:

    I would like to once again, thank everybody for their overwhelming support. It is much appreciated. Thank you Burgermeister for your delicious, “Beef the Lot” burgers!

  31. I have just the tonic for your speedy recovery contained in the palm of my hand Muzz :-) Heaven help Burgermeister if you destroy hamburgers in the same style you polished off 7 family size pizza’s on Lygon Street, Melbourne post the World Police & Fire Games. Now that was “Over the Top!”

  32. powerme says:

    We’re all behind you Murray!

  33. Hey Murray – you’re the Man!
    And let’s not forget the fact that that YOU are an inspiration for all those hardcore gentleman out there!!
    At BBVW we wish you all the best for 2013!!!

    BTW the burgers at Burgermeister are to kill for! ;)

  34. Ryan Espey says:

    Hey Murray,

    I trust you are recovering well. I am looking forward to competing with you in Belfast and I hope you are training hard and eating lots. You will need your strength to be 100% to be across the table from me. :)

    Ryan Espey