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Local emerging artist Andy Quilty

We are big fans of local emerging artist Andy Quilty whose recent exhibitions at Linton and Kay have been a huge success.  Andy’s work focuses on the suburban Australian male and he finds plenty of insipriation from the Rockinham friends he grew up with.  After working for 10 years as a commercial surfboard artist in Western Australia and the United States, in 2009 Andy turned his focus towards his personal art practice. With a grunge aesthetic, Andy’s works are characterised by aggressive and rapid marks made with a combination of ballpoint pen, aerosol and auto enamel paint. His latest exhibition FIFO focuses on a unique point in our state’s history where the fly-in-fly-out blue collar worker is now financially valued at an unprecedented level.  This change has been met by ridicule and elitist sentiment by many and Andy’s work provides an honest record of the FIFO worker and he seks to elevate their status beyond simplified cliché’s and free from any romanticism. Check out his work here. (