Murray McKay Armwrestling Burgermeister

The Road to Recovery-Murray McKay

We are awe inspired by Murray McKay’s road to recovery over the last 3months.  Murray was struck down by an extremely rare condition (one case reported in Australia every 2 years) of having an artery enlarged on his spinal cord in September 2012.  Effectively, this shut down the lower half of his body.  He was told by his Neurosurgeon that he may never walk again.  Certainly, if the condition had not been found when it was, he would have become a paraplegic.  While some may think they were very unlucky to be struck down which such a condition, Murray also comments on his great luck that he is up and walking again and expected to make a full recovery.  Murray explains that recovering from this condition was similar to recovering from a major crash.  “I had never spent a day in hospital prior to this illness, I was told that my conditioning and the fact that I have always looked after my body, helped me a lot.  It has changed me as a person, I literally smell the roses every day and feel that I am blessed.  I am more empathetic towards people and don’t get stressed out about things that I did prior to my condition.  It has motivated me and strengthened me as a person.”   Murray has been competing in arm-wrestling most of his life (beginning at age 12) when he was challenged by a couple of school bullies to an arm-wrestling match.  He convincingly beat them and this gave him the confidence to pursue the sport further.

Here are a few more of Murray’s achievements:

1994 World Fire-fighter Arm-wrestling Champion (Perth)
2004 World Arm-wrestling Championships 7th Masters Right hand division & top 15 in the Open Right hand division (Durban, South Africa) (First Australian to be invited to participant in World Championships)
2007 World Police and Fire-fighter Arm-wrestling Champion (Adelaide).  Our image features Murray fighting an opponent from Kazakhstan at this competition.

2011 World Police and Fire-fighters Runner Up Arm-wrestling Champion (New York).

Murray’s goal is to compete in the World Police & Fire-fighter Games in Belfast in August 2013 and the Australian Arm-Wrestling Championships later in the year.  We wish Murray all the very best for a continued speedy recovery.  We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. What an inspiring story Murray. We really hope you recover quickly and all the best for 2013 :) We know Annmarie is so very proud of you.

    Monika and Tony

  2. Cliff Reeve says:

    Muzza is an absolute inspiration and we all know he will be on top of anything he puts his giant hand to.
    I’ve worked with Muz several times and would drop anything to do it again.
    Onya mate !!!!!!